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What is Pepakura?

Pepakura is the art-form of building and creating with paper. The paper serves as a base for fiberglass, bondo (if you’re in USA or most body fillers for cars if you’re in UK), resin, and other "hardeners". The project is then sanded smooth and may also require some additional sculpting from modelling putty.

After this the item can either be finalised or used as the start of a mold for either slush casting or for use in a vacuum former.

The name of the original Pepakura Desginer software from TamaSoft. The software is required to create, view, and print your pepakura creations! Get the FREE version of the software that allows you to view pep files and slightly alter them but if you are wishing to create your own from 3D models then you will need to purchase a full version licence.

What can I create with Pepakura?

Anything that you can create using a 3D programme means you can create a final 3D real version in real life with Pepakura.  Some classic pep project ideas include: Wearable Iron Man suits, War Machine, Halo props, Skyrim masks, realistic scale-model weapons, many different Star Wars props and when you learn the software, basically anything else you can think of!

How do I get started?

download free Pepakura viewerIt's recommend heading over to TamaSoft to Download (click the image to download this software) the free version of their Pepakura software so that you can view and print Pepakura files.
Next, do some searching around the internet or PepProsDataBase to find a project file you would like to create in .PDO file format. Print onto 110 lb cardstock. (Available in the PepProShop.)

If you have printer, you can print directly from the Pepakura software.

If you do not have printer, you must convert to a .PDF to print without hassle either at work (just don’t get caught) or at many other locations that have printers.

Get yourself some X-Acto knives, extra blades, and preferred glue.
Super glue allows for fast working, but with little room for error, While Elmers-type glue provides room to fix mistakes with a little extra patience (I personally use UHU glue as this allows for numerous attempts at altering while sticking and dries relatively quick and hard)

You may gather future supplies now, but note that the paper project itself will take some time to complete.

For the future supplies I found google a life saver but it took a loooooooonnnng time to actually locate a good supplier.

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Site Editor : Shadowmultimedia
Last Update : 2015
This is a Shadowmultimedia designed and operated site
This web site is intended for educational purposes. The pepakura files found here have not been created by myself although I have
altered some of them slightly in regards to size and layout if the size did not suit me personally.
In addition these files have been located via simple google searches and various facebook groups and can easily
be found by anyone via google or one of the various prop making forums out there.