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Some Helpful Videos

** when you run these vids you can enlarge them and then to make them clearer choose the settings tab at the bottom right and chnage the setting to a high resolution... ie from 144p to 360 or 480p for best playback resolution**

In this section I have gathered togeather some YouTube videos that I found interesting and also gave me some tips and sign posting in how to proceed with my new hobby of Pepakura model making. Some of the videos are just sneak peaks at indiviuals who have entire catalogues on the subject on their own personal YouTube channels and I have supplied links to their main channel or user profile pages for you to enjoy more info from each individual.

Cereal Kill3r Studios This guy gives fantastic information that is invaluable for both a novice and experienced Pepakura / prop builder. The one thing i found a lieel annoying was that most of the info given was on the assumption that you live in the USA or Canada which is fair enough.

Unfortunately for a lot of the materials he mentions I have had to locate the UK equivelant and they are not always called the same thing. But great info none the less.
Additional prop making video from this Youtbue user can be found here
This video gives a quick look at how a mold for slush casting is made. Makes use of a Star Wars mando helmet.
This video has follow on videos to this initial long vid. Good intro and step by step process in making a mold and then slush casting a Magneto X Men helmet
Jesmonite casting tutorial. The guy who is talking on the video is a little bit long winded but I have found it informative when I first started out using it. Once hard Jesmonite is super tough and durable.  
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In addition these files have been located via simple google searches and various facebook groups and can easily
be found by anyone via google or one of the various prop making forums out there.