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Star Wars Original Stormtrooper Helmet

This was the first ever attempt on my part at pepakura. I had always wanted to have an original Stormtrooper helmet and full armour and unfortunately I could never justify the huge amount it would cost to buy only the outfit. As a result of this wish it was a simply decision on what would be my first pep project.
After researching several options I decided to use the fierfiek pep file. Unfortunately the file came all combined but this is something that would come back to haunt me at the later stages of the mold making process. The final results from the card build were very encouraging and I was so happy with my first ever pep build.

After the card stage I moved onto the hardening stage and for this I made use of Jesmonite in order to avoid the traditional resin hardeners that most people use because I was only able to work indoors and at this stage of the hobby I was unprepared to subject my house to the stench of resin fumes.
After completing the hardening stage I then had to remove the ears of the helmet and also the teeth area so they would be better sculpted and precise later on.
With this all done i noticed that the initial helmet dome was not good and as such I decided to remove it and build a much smoother and better dome. In addition to this I also used quite a bit of DAS clay to better sculpt and define the features of the helmet. This stage took many many nights of sculpting and sanding but eventually I reached a stage that I was happy with and I was also able to combine the redone and smoothed out dome section to the main helmet.

Not wanting to potentially loose my many nights of work I decided to create a silicone mold and then using this mold I created a hollowed out Jesmonite cast that I would use for the final mold for vacuum forming. In order to create these vacuum bucks I cut the helmet into its face plate and cap/back section with plasticard and Jesmonite seals for the then open areas.

With the helmet completed and with eventually only minor adjustments in the future I had to move onto sculpting the ears for the helmet using plasticard and plasticine. Once I had done this I made another silicone mold and once again cast the ears in Jesmonite. The original ears were slightly wrong and as such more sculpting was done to create a more superior ear and once again a mold and cast was made.

The final stage was to sculpt the vocoder mold. For this I made use of plasticard and create a Jesmonite cast from a mold. To be honest the vocoder is the most unsatisfactory area od the build and as such it is something i will probably re-visit and sculpt better at a later date.

With everything done and all the relevant molds/vacuum forming bucks built I am now ready to try my first Vacuum formed helmet once I have worked all the small kinks out of the vacuum forming machine (documented here)

(Update as of August 2015)


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