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Space Marine Helmet and Armour Build

After spending several days and hours building various Boba Fett and stormtrooper pep files I found that I was not getting the desired good reults I wanted and as such was becoming disalusioned with what I was doing.

In a final effort to become a better pep builder I located several Warhammer Space Marine armour peps and as these involved larger less intecrate designs I began a new project putting aside all my prior Star Wars builds, but promising myself to return and finish them.

The first build was that of a Mark VII helmet. My first version was fantastic but unfortunately was slightly too big but did allow me to develop my techniques with the hardening process offered by Jesmonite.

Armed with this knowlege I reworked my helmet and as can be seem by the images used small wooden dowling to add reinforment to keep the helmets shape. I also measured and cut a wooden base from using my dremel tool. The reult was a super strong and ridged design that ensured the helmet kept all its shape after the hardening process.

With the helmet built I moved onto the various other parts of the build. The first was to build a Bolter gun. This was my second pep build cut out using my new Silhoette cameo tool (birthday present :o) ). The result was that i was able to assemble a nicely cut and accurate Bolter which i re-inforced internally with extra box corragated card. The results were great and with these successes I forged on to the main armour.

The initial stages of the armour were to create the chest piece. Unlike so many other Space Marine builds I decided to use a MK IV chest piece, abs and diaper. The build was slow and at time slightly flimsy but eventually after some further re-informing I have managed to build up a resonable start. At present the suit includes a full chest,abs and diaper piece along with a first attempt at creating a backpack as can be seen in the images. I have also managed to create a standard Marine shoulder guard as well as a MK VII left leg armour. When the leg is completed I intend to start hardening all the relvant parts so that they sit better on my specially built manaquin stand.

(Update as of March 31st 2015)


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