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Boba Fett/Mandalorian Helmet and Armour Build

After completing my card stock stormtrooper helmet I found myself looking at it and deciding that I needed to perfect my pepakura building and also measuring skills. To that end I put down my trooper helmet and armour project for the time being and decided to tackle a relatively easier pep build in the form of a Boba Fett build ( I say easier but I have since found that this was not to be the case)

In order to start off I located a couple of possible pep build files in the various forums and eventually settled on the fierfek Boba helmet. It turned out to be a much easier build than that of the stormtrooper helmet with much less tiny bends and curves. After completing the 3D cardstock build I took a moment to consider my next steps. Eventually I decided that I would rather build a non-modified Boba mandalorian helmet as this would allow me to eventually stylize it in any way I saw fit be it Boba or my own take on a mandalorian warrior.

I once again went back to searching the forums for a suitable jumping off point. Eventually I located a file in the facebook group - pepkura library, which offered exactly what I wanted which was a undented mandalorian helmet that also did not have the side ears incorporated into its main structure and therefore gave a completely blank canvas to work with.

After building the main bucket I found that I was not liking the separate ears that were to go with the main bucket and as such I made use of the excellent stencil in the dented helmet template area and that of Rafal Works who along with other dented helmet forum members has made exceptional design blueprints for the entire Boba/mandalorian outfit.

After building all the separate pieces for the helmet I found that each area required slight modification in order for it all to gel together. The ears needed pieces added to them to fit into the helmet and the helmet its self was slightly pointy at one side (though this is more likely down to my initial bad building of the dome).
You can see my progress via the images opposite and hopefully these will better show my progress.


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