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My DIY Vacuum Former Build Mk1

This is the original Vacuum former table I first built and experienced my first ever Vacuum forming results using Star Wars Mr Potato heads.... ah fun times.

The initial designs I researched looked far too complex and time consuming. In hind sight of your going to do this it's best to do it the long and complex way.... NOT the short and quick way. The results are so much better with effort.
All this being said I stumbled upon a UK prop designer and his fantastic web site called Xrobots. The creator of this site explained how he has developed his own Vacuum forming technique and at a low cost and easily built fashion. You can either check out the entire site by clicking the above link or for the you tube example just take a look at the video below to see the vacuum forming table in action making C3PO's bum of all things :)

Using the above technique I built my first Vacuum forming table and oven. Unfortunately I could not locate the same heat source and the dimensions were a bit different. That all being said I soldiered on and vacuum formed my first piece of HIPS plastic (again this is very hard to find where I live but I eventually found a supplier).

The images below show my table and what I finished up with.

Two 800 watt Quartz heaters
The Vac. table with Mr Potato head parts ready for vac. forming
Heaters once again contained in the heating box which is made up from four MDF boards with Kitchen tin foil glued to them
The heating box was around 30 inches high and was positioned next to the Vac. table for rapid movement from the heating source to vacuum table. The vacuum source was my Dyson vac.

The initial vacuum source and pull did not come out too detailed and this was a problem for any future vacuum forming. In an attempt to fix this I began researching a small vacuum chamber idea and layout. After some searching I came across a small YouTube video that game me some hope.

Using the above video I ended up creating what turned out to be a very flawed version as I could not find all the correct parts and ultimately with just the Dyson acting as the vacuum source the tanks never pressurized. Ultimately this design was dumped.


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