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My DIY Vacuum Former Build Mk2

Vacuum forming table version 2 took the original table from version 1 and at the time the eventual failing surge tank idea but incorporated a different heating source.

The new layout idea came from a machine I came across on the instructable web site. Click here for more info

I Slightly modified my attempt at this machine by incorporating my heating element on top of the machine but have it able to slide along a holding rail using drawer runners. I then tried to incorporate a lift arm mechanism to raise and lower the plastic to the heating element which was an oven element I had purchased from eBay. This heating element was encased in a hardibacker board box to ensure the rest of the wooden structure would not burn down.

In the end there was no pictures taken of the total disaster and before spending anymore money on a venture that was not going anywhere I cut my losses and rage destroyed the entire machine.

The main lesson I learned from this build was that I needed proper build instructions if I was going to actually create a working and useful Vac. forming machine.......... Version 3 here I come.


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